Monday, March 23, 2009

The poet in my friend

Srinivasan aka Tall Srini as he is called, my beloved friend, recently sent me this poem, that he had penned. Ghosh, it was so simple but was like a thunderbolt too...i never knew his hidden talent of this poetic capabilites, a good worker, very humorous and a exact "vadivelu" mimic, his exhibition of this skill left me open mouthed..i thought i should have it in my blog...(won the copyrights first..;). It s named Never apt, Never can one understand the pain of another losing in Love. Here it goes -


I never saw someone so beautiful

until you crossed me.....!

I never heard anyone's voice so sweet

until you spoke with me....!

I never felt such a medicine

until you kissed me....!

I never felt I can become a poet

until I loved you....!

And I never thought I loved you

until you left me....!

Simply awesome...keep writing Srini!!!

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