Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This post is really written out of anguish. There is so much furore over MF Hussain being offered Qatar citizenship and Indian govt. doing nothing to help him be brought back.

Ask me, I feel he did better be out of this country for his and our own good. Mr. Hussain - Just becos u created a lot of master pieces on canvass, it doesnt mean that u ve d liberty to draw our hindu gods in nude. Mind u, jus cos u were in India that u were able to do it...try it in Qatar, come out with obscene paintings of their kings / gods, u will find ur hands chopped off or u wud be dying in their prisons.

If MF Hussain was truely loving his mother country, then he must ve shown more respect to its culture and beliefs...especially to the major religion Hinduism. In the name of art (bull shit) he has taken so much independence to offend the dignity of Hindus. I now see him as a villian just like a Kashmisr terrorist. Hussain, if u really ve d b***s, then y dont u paint Qatari King or Queen or ur own god in nudity . You cant, Mr. Gentleman, cause u wil get f***ed by people of ur religion. Thats wat he is, a typical hypocrite, who does things only for publicity and not caring for the beliefs of the masses

Worst than this is his character, at 80+ he still vies for lust by chasing Madhuri and finally stops for god knows wat reason. Is this a nice trait of a master painter of this generation. Y the hell do v need a guy like him in our already one billion plus people. Let him stay out forever, if he wants to live peacefully till he breathes his last.

Country's highest judicial authority cleared his name and permitted him to come back and promised him maximum security. Wat else needs to be done to bring this Old hypocrite back. Still media blames Indian Govt. for staying mum in bringing him back to India. Does d president of d country need to fall at Hussain's feet and beg him to come back. This is wat d media actually wants to, only to up their TRPs. Barka Dutt / Pranoy Roy / Rajdeep / Goswami - you people are really not doing any justice to our country except raking money by hosting useless, one-sided, stupid talk shows & interviews. Like Hussain, even you guys need to be banished forever from India. All I see is that Hindus are targeted by everyone always in their own country. Why Barka, y cant u pose for Hussain's obscene paintings if something is burning inside you cause he was expelled. Only then you will understand wat pain it causes to you and to others. Try to empathise with ur fellow indians not Hussain.

Though RSS, MNS are following violence to instill fear, they are really needed in this country to save us - the Hindus. Since our country is secular, every f***er from other other religion tries to s**g on us. Wat a sad state we really are in. Stay away, Back off Hussain.