Monday, March 23, 2009

A Horrific Phantasma....

I dream a lot. Be it a doze for a minute, snoozes on a bus or train ride, afternoon naps or the long night sleep, I dream in a nanosecond after the eyelids kiss each other.

One such morning when I was back to Chennai after a strenuous overnight journey, I laid on floor to continue my rustled sleep in the train. Ahhhh....Heaven, relaxation....Home indeed Sweet Home!!! My eyes closed to take into dreamland yet again...

"A cloudy day, sun playing hide and seek; jostling crowd in some typical Chennai 40ft road...spearated single concrete median; ricks, cars, bicycles, buses i see a big Peepul Tree at the bend of the road...wat am doing at this place??

I see a group crowding a metropolitan bus. Oh, its windscreen shattered, no one inside, its standstill in the middle of the road. Now, something's wrong here...lets me see wat's up...

Oh God!! Oh no!! spare me oh Lord, its so horrid wat am I seeing, someone is under the wheels, in a crumpled form...poor soul...."

Uuuugghhhhh...what a nightmare!!! its 8 am. Bad to wake up wid such a nightmare. I get up with this nasty dream still looming in my mind...and go brushed it while doing my teeth...My mom asked be to apply vibuthi (sacred ash) on the forehead before i sleep that night, when i told her about the dream...

Same Day - evening 4 pm :

Mom and I were out for shopping
for my new home to Pursaiwakkam. I was enjoying my bike ride in the city, whizzing and swirling, my mom doesnt complain but seldom does control. We were in Ottery, where the narrow main road around 40ft separated by single concrete medians having slum tenaments on rod the banks. Some half way into the road, we noticed cars and heavy vehicles being diverted thro' a narrow lane. This wasnt unusual in Chennai roads especially when passing thro' slums. Clashes or protests or accidents result in such diversions often. Unassumingly, we budgded ahead, when.....I felt Deja Vu. The scene of my dream unfolded right in front of my eyes -

There was this Ashok Leyland staff bus right in the middle of the road, with its windscreen powdered, no passenger inside the bus and....and......behind its rear wheel lied a still body, crushed beyond recognition...Poor soul, O god, u r so merciless at times....Some one was No More...!! My Dream, my spooked dream...I saw all this and it has happened too...wats wrong?? Is this extra sensory perception....??? How can it be so similar in the occurence?? Was something wrong with me??

I stopped my bike, I started to tremble, sweating and too shocked to react. My mom comforted me, but still I felt numb in mind. This was something bad that had ever happened in my dreams, so far only pleasant things seemed to be a Deja Vu. But now, a tragic ending....How i wish my dream never came true, or atleast i was able to save him....Most bizzare occurence....ironically, that night when I slept, I didnt dream anything...My mom had smeared the vibuthi on my forehead after I feel asleep.

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  1. I can imagine how it feels when bad dreams come true (actually nightmare). My dreams hve also come true, but sadly most of them are bad. :'( Very recently i had dreamt about my accident and after 2 days ...........dhaam-dhoom-dhaam!