Monday, November 23, 2009


I hate Maan ada, Mayil Ada..from day one...its one of d worst ever programs on TV on weekend. Given a choice of watching M-A-M-A or watching some homeopathy doc's program on any channel, i prefer the latter. Its one of the worst prepared and presented show offered to our tamil audiences.

Though lots of talent oozes out before our eyes of d participants, its still badly hosted. Especially, the Judges, i lost all respects for that Kala Master's talents...i loved her works a lot, esp most of d dances she choreographed for Kamal and lots of other actors. Khushboo...she must b taking care of her kids and helping her hubby Sundar to select proper scripts...Namita, Ramba..pls. i dont want to throw something abusive..

D sets and themes r creative but dancers and choreographers are so crazy with their concepts for d show. Added to d misery is Kala master and gundu gang's judgements and comments....ayo rama, enna yen intha mathiri karisana show ellam parka vekkire...too much importance to Kala master & Khushboo, well they are not gods, plus they demand it...contestants cry, weep, vent out anger, but still they r rock solid...wat really makes my blood boil is d costumes of judges. When kala came as a gypsy, i puked ..and then was rolling on d, it was so funny than winner vadivelu's comedies...once she appears as pilot, thooo.....shame to all u lady pilots...and kala, u dont deserve it...finally it was one as SP superintendent of, for those who watched it, brave guys, including was so makes me feel that they r making a mockery out buffon of a contestant perform shit in d costume of jim carry in MASK, wat an insult man...

Pls. try to do meaningful stuff, watch hindi shows and learn..pls dont think too much of urself MAMA...ur show is sick and never can it become a hit unless, d judges are fair and can atleast dress up to d occassion instead of shocking us wid all stupidites on this planet....i hate kala and MAMA....

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