Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Her smile radiates warmth,
Her stride chimes the silent street,
Her eyes send the flowers to hide,
Her talk mesmerizes those who watch.
Definitely, she’s not one among the lot.

The wind gets kindled.
The clouds get a hurdle.
The sun is veiled.
The birds start to plead.
Aah!! She is a beauty indeed.

She always so silent, so does the savant.
She is a synonym to patience, well…that shows a Godly semblance.
She shies so sweetly, is she naughty?
She looks intent, but even steel can be bent.

To many, she’s a perfect babe,
But her thoughts and actions leaves the crowd agape.
To the needy, she’s hope
Being selfish is something she just can’t cope.
To the helpless, she’s an Angel
She shows them their future, like a ball of crystal.
To the world, she’s a maverick
All we have to do is just mimic…


  1. Bravo...........

    Good one.

    you have proved you have a brain the left brain.....

  2. Totally @#$%!@&^%. Quite annoyed of filling those letters at the bottom though....

    -Amrita Rao

  3. guys..thanks for these wonderful comments...i cannot expect anything more from u...

  4. didn't know that u write so well .. brilliant ... but who is she ;-)

  5. machi .. also .. how come in ur favourite movies section there is not a single vijay movie but u have one ajith's ... this shows .. ajith is class apart .. sivaji .. buddy .. coooool ...

  6. Hello!!! I always knew my best friend gonna make wonders in life but this new blogging venture...amazing mamu....going gr8.... World Wide Web la oru pudhu sahaptham !!!!

  7. GJ.... who is she nu enna kelvi da?? ella ponnugalum apadethane namba aalu ku?? enna sathya correcta?

  8. hey...never knew u wer a poet too!!! good going...keep it up!!!

  9. @ GJ - dai thanks for ur valuble comments da, and regards Ajith, friend, its the movie which is the hero in the Movies that i ve listed..person comes next, whether its vijay or ajith...rite thaane??

    @ swami - my so long & life long buddy, thanks 4 d appreciation man, jus started wid sumthing creative thats all...but girls & me oru explanation kuduthu irukiye, unne mathiri thick friends ale thaan da mudiyum..i welcome it though i know i ve to own it too...

    @ ... - thnks :) but i am still a learner, not a matured blogger like u...

  10. sathya,
    after all these years i suddenly realised i don't know you at all....
    i never knew you had such a poetic streak inside you...
    simply beautiful,what else can i say...?
    if this is your maiden venture, its hard to believe it is...
    great going,do keep blogging...

  11. Hi Sowpar,

    even i dodnt know that u were a Blogger so long..nice writings too..

    thanks for showering such compliments..i just wanted to try out thats all...

  12. dai ennada oru bitu otitu.. enga escape? blog na regular erukanum da mandaya... come on man....

  13. So Succinct yet so expressive !Keep it up!